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Protecting Your Computer from Trojan Horse Viruses is a bit Tough, and to Remove One can be Even Harder!

The software market has some Trojan anti-virus tools available, but don't expect to find ONE single tool that both protects and removes.

INTRODUCTION (repeated from our home page-Trojan Remover)
Viruses and Trojans ( And then there is the Trojan Horse Virus? A Trojan horse, like a virus, is another malicious program. However, technically, Trojans are not viruses since they do not replicate themselves -- Like a virus,  Trojen horse programs can be VERY destructive.

UNLESS YOU ARE VERY TECHNICAL, (this is the scenario you will likely go through in trying to remove a Trojan virus -- you may laugh, but it won't be funny if you attempt to do this with cheap, free or bad virus removal software)
Infected User:
Does anyone know how I can get rid of a trojan horse virus? I ran a popular virus scanner and it said I have 4 instances of a particular Trojan virus, it removed 3, but the software can't remove the last one.
Technical Guru: Update your free spyware tool, turn off system restore (like we all know what that is...), reboot into Safe Mode (what mode?), run your virus removal tool, shut down you PC, reboot and that should do it.
Infected User: Nope the Trojan is still there!
Technical Guru: Find and download this free tool "freetool", then run it.
Infected User: Nope, it's still there:
Technical Guru: Re-run the free removal tool and send the output to me. Do not try to fix anything yourself unless you know what you are doing. THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN WARNING ENOUGH!
Technical Guru:
I received the report and you do have a problem. LIKE WE DIDN'T ALREADY KNOW THAT!
Technical Guru:
Follow the detailed instruction attached to my email, but BE CAREFUL. Set your system to view hidden files, boot in safe mode, make some new folders, change system settings... blah... blah...
Infected User: Mr. Guru... Thanks for your continuing support, but still no luck -- the Trojan Horse Virus has apparently become a permanent part of my PC. What do I owe you? WHAT? 

The Good News 
You can avoid much of this simply by have a quality (not free) anti-virus protection and removal tool and keeping it up to date -- Symantec's System Works tool is still one of the best (our opinion only). Just make sure you turn on ALL virus protection options. A "Free Trial" of good software is fine, just avoid totally free solutions. During free trial is a great time to get to know the technical support team of the company behind the virus removal software.

You may also want to see our "How To" page Trojan Removal. But be forewarned... manually removing a trojan can be difficult!

The Bad News
That one quality tool make help protect you, but if you do manage to get one of these nasty Trojans, you'll need additional tools (quality software, not free) to remove it.  When you buy quality software you get two things: GOOD SOFTWARE AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT. 

The technical support staff of the companies that make the 
virus removal tools know their business and can help you a lot!

How to Find Good Virus Removal Tools
(We plan to add a review and comparison section to our site, so check back with us if you can't find what you want) Keep searching the web, but search for virus removal PLUS "review" or "comparison". Read all the reviews, email the company, then select the one that your common sense tells you is best.

Don't be fooled -- browse the company's site, see if they have a telephone number (Personally, for us, no telephone number no deal), call them, ask to speak with a technical support representative before you commit to buy -- most salespeople will accommodate you in this request. If they won't, it's probably somebody you didn't want to do business with anyway.

Remember, Don't be a Cheap -- Get the best software and support you can find.  
This is an area where the "you get what you pay for" cliché applies very well.

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Again, Recommended Reading for the Non-Techie
Wikipedia.org Article on Malware (malicious Software) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Malware ("malicious software") is any software developed for the sole purpose of doing harm to computer systems. Malware classifications can be based on various criteria: how it gets executed, how it spreads or what it does to the infected computer. 

We listened to your anti virus concerns and we care. We effectively respond to your expressed needs.  We are good at translating needs into referral solutions that work!

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